Årets nobelprisvinner i fysikk om Deepak Chopra


Einar skrev:

En av årets Nobelprisvinnere i fysikk (for kvanteteori), Roy Glauber har vært aktiv i et uformelt motsvar til nobelprisene, Ig Nobel.

"Every Ig Nobel Prize winner has done something that first makes people LAUGH, then makes them THINK."


For noen år siden, når Deepak Chopra vant en IG-Nobel i fysikk, uttalte årets Nobelprisvinner følgende under utdelingen:

"There is not much that I need to tell you about relativistic quantum mechanics. There is not much I can tell you about relativistic quantum mechanics. Its achievements in the world of atoms and particles have been great. Its successes, on the other hand, in the world of psychiatry and emotional well-being have been few. And it is certainly not been known for them, particularly. Not, that is, until the recent work of tonight’s honoree. Success, of course, is a matter of definition. Relativity and quantum mechanics applied to personal well-being and psychiatry may or may not have done good, but they have certainly done well. Thank you."

Jeg brukte endel tid å lese, og Norge er godt representert i disse prisene:

Martha Kold Bakkevig of Sintef Unimed in Trondheim, Norway, and
Ruth Nielson of the Technical University of Denmark, for their
exhaustive study, "Impact of Wet Underwear on Thermoregulatory
Responses and Thermal Comfort in the Cold."

Anders Barheim and Hogne Sandvik (Ig Nobel Biology Prize, 1996), who discovered that sour cream stimulates the appetite of leeches, beer intoxicates the creatures, and garlic often kills them."

The Ig Nobel in Public Health(1996) was bestowed on Ellen Kleist of Nuuk, Greenland, and Harald Moi of Oslo, Norway, for a medical investigation of the "Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll.""

Dr. Arvid Vatle of Stord, Norway, for carefully collecting, classifying, and contemplating which kinds of containers his patients chose when submitting urine samples."

Einar :)