Givende intervju med Anthony Robbins om spiritualitet


Einar skrev:

Hei, jeg har akkurat lest en introduksjon og påfølgende intervju med Tony Robbins, som jeg virkelig synes er verdt tiden det tar å lese. Det skjærer virkelig gjennom veldig mye av dødkjøttet du finner i spiritualitet for å komme ned til det mennesklige planet, for å komme ned til essensen av ting, og det var en fryd å lese, selv for meg som er ateist:



HP skrev:

Her kan dere lese artikelen og intervjuet i uamputert form fra den opprinnelige kilden:

Jeg syntes intervjuet var veldig bra. Anthony tar for seg mange av temaene rundt spiritualitet.
Noen sitater jeg satte pris på:

Anthony Robbins says
I think every individual has to discover for themselves what spirituality looks like. I personally am against saying, "This is the way." I tell people there are certain needs that human beings clearly have. I mean, you don't have to be too bright to be able to see that there are patterns in human behavior

Også en bra illustrasjon på hvordan jeg tror Gud "jobber"

Anthony Robbins says
There is an old story of a minister who crosses the country and he's out there letting everybody know about the gospel and making sure that they understand that Christ is the source of their life.

He gets to the desert outside Phoenix, Arizona, and he gets really close to this area that he thinks must be a mirage, because in the middle of the desert he sees these amazing gardens. He sees vines and trees and fruit and everything. But as he gets closer, he sees that it's real. In the middle of the desert! Everything around it is dirt and dry and dead.

Then he sees a little house at the back of the garden and so he walks to the house and bangs on the door because he wants to make sure the gardener understands the source of all this. He bangs on the door very intensely. And the gardener is a very kind, loving and spiritual man.

He comes to the door and opens it and sees the minister, and the minister says, "Mister Gardener, you and the Good Lord have certainly done a fine job with this garden," but with the emphasis very intensely on the fact that the "Good Lord" has done a fine job with this garden.

And the gardener looks at him and smiles. He's a very loving man and he says, "Mister Minister, I understand what you're saying. I understand your point, I think. I think what you're trying to say to me is that if it wasn't for the gift of the seed, the miracle of the soil, the sunshine and the air, there'd be no garden here. And you know," he said, "you're absolutely right.

But I have to tell you something, you should have seen this place when God had it all by Himself!"

That's my view of spirituality.

Einar: Takk for at du satt Temaet for spirituelt!