Snu den negative stemning med en tanke ...


Eva skrev:

I lenger tid har jeg hatt problemer med et par personer som er en del av min hverdag, som har en meget negativ og mørk utstråling. Har prøvet alt mulig, fra beskyttelse, bønn, rens med den violette flamme - for å nevne noe. :confused:

Her forleden da jeg sat og var noe down over problemet, plingede nedenstående mail inn i min mailbox. Den ramte helt plett, den var "som sent til meg"! Kan slett ikke huske hvordan jeg har meldt mig på nyhetsbrev fra dem. Tipsene derfra er utprøvd og med forbløffende god effekt.
Les, følg linken og bedøm selv.;)

Dear Friends,

Our Movie launch for the month of February ...

Affect other's behaviors with your thoughts - Part 1
Affect other's behaviors with your thoughts - Part 2

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Of course we've all been taught that we cannot change anybody's behavior / thinking but our own.

That's just "Relating 101" - the most basic course level.

Relating 102 is that, when you DO change your behavior / your thinking about someone else, you are literally and definitively affecting the energy field between the two of you in that moment.

Now, you can learn how to affect other's behaviors with your thoughts.

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If millions and millions of people resorted to thinking P-E-A-C-E when faced with people behaving unskillfully when they are in the clutches of fear, scarcity, lack and / or pain ... then little by little the vibrational energy of the entire planet would shift into higher levels of conflict resolution and divine solutions to old, worn out problems and historical war-like responses.

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Thank you and May the Peace that Passes All Understanding Embrace You and transform anything unlike peace, joy, light and love in your life.

Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin ... with me,

PS ... Please send all of your comments to: [EMAIL="[email protected]"="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]


Summer skrev:

Tanker er energi. :)

Jeg har ikke sett på lenkene enda, skal gjøre det en dag jeg har tid.